Product Design

Some may find it easy to separate Product Design from Form Design, but here at Muotop they are closely linked together. It is sensible and in the interest of a Client, that when designing the structure and function of a product it is at the same time considered how they are in best service of a good form. And on the other hand, while designing the shape of a product, one bears constantly in mind that it must not put the functionality of the product in jeopardy. With years of experience and with knowledge of manufacturing methods We are able to quide the project to the finishline in straightest possible way. Some might call it sticking to old practises, but We call it a possibility to see best solutions without being caught in endless dwelling of various possibilities. When being able to work with best suited idea, one can use the time saved in creating good looking and functional product with every aspect carefully considered.



Parts of a Trekking grip in a solution for new strap adjustment.



Parts for new welding mask headpiece.



Even if fine programs for 3D modeling and photorealistic rendering exists, the best way to start designing new product is in many cases traditional sketching. For someone sketching sounds old-fashioned, but it is still valid method to start creating a product "from scratch". It saves a lot of time and efford, when there is no certain way to go.